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Your go-to for Water Systems & Water Softeners in the Permian Basin & Seminole, TX

Locally owned. Locally operated. Your trusted LOCAL water professionals.

Agua Dulce Water Company is owned and operated by Jeremy Nelson.
With local ties, we take pride in servicing our neighbors and local communities. Don’t let the small town service fool you. We are proud to partner with internationally recognized brands to make sure your family or business have access to the purest water possible from the BEST products.
Jeremy, along with his wife Bree, purchased ADWC in January of 2019. Jeremy’s passion for the “science” of water and a flare for solving tough water problems, made for a perfect fit. Jeremy has a passion for delivering the best possible solutions to his customers. Jeremy’s life long ties to Seminole, Seagraves and the surrounding communities makes him a familiar face when it comes making sure your you are drinking and using the purest water in your home or business.
Agua Dulce Water Company takes pride in the products we offer our customers but more importantly we LOVE when we can solve a problem and deliver a solution. From reliable water softeners to the efficient RO system, our team has the products to provide you with quality water. Contact us today to learn more! We’re proud to serve across Seminole, TX & the Permian Basin area. 

Our Specialties

We specialize in:

   Residential Water Systems
    *   Water Softener Systems
    *   Water Refining Systems
    *   Drinking Water Systems
    *   Whole- Home Systems
   Commercial Water Systems
    *   Office and Commercial
    *   Food and Beverage
    *   Municipalities
    *   Hospitality
   Industrial Water Systems
    *   Industrial RO Systems (For Oil Field or Agriculture Use)

Our Team