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Your Source for Water Systems in the Permian Basin

Give your bank account a break on costly repairs, save on cleaning supplies, and preserve the life of your appliances with Agua Dulce Water Company. Our team is proud to offer water softeners and RO systems to clients across Seminole & the Permian Basin, TX. To improve the quality of your water today, contact our water professionals!

RO Systems

Your soft water can be filtered, too. From cutting down iron stains to reducing contaminants, add a water filter to your Hague softener based on your specific water problems. From lead to chlorine taste and odor, to iron, carbon and acid, choose a Hague filter that doesn’t just meet your needs, it exceeds them.

Water Softeners

Hard water has finally met its match. Agua Dulce’s cutting edge water softener designs work for you – making sure your entire house enjoys the benefit of soft, clean water. Whatever your water problem is, Agua Dulce will come up with a solution that fits your needs.

Our Specialties

We specialize in:

   Residential Water Systems
    *   Water Softener Systems
    *   Water Filtration Systems
    *   Drinking Water Systems
    *   Whole- Home Systems
   Commercial Water Systems
    *   Office and Commercial
    *   Food and Beverage
    *   Municipalities
    *   Hospitality
   Industrial Water Systems
    *   Industrial RO Systems (For Oil Field or Agriculture Use)